Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Rajasthan Vat Rate Increased from 5 to 5.5 percent

राजस्थान सरकार ने वैट की दर 5%  से बढाकर की 5.5%
Notification as on finance department website

In schedule IV appended to the said act-
(i)                  For the existing expression “ Goods taxable at 5%” the shall be substituted;
(ii)                In column number three, for the existing expression “5” wherever occurring , the expression “5.5” shall be substituted
(iii)               In column number 3 of Part-A GOODS UNDER CATEGORY OF IT PRODUCTS, for the existing expression “5” wherever occurring, the expression “5.5” shall be substituted; and

(iv)              In column number 3 of Part-B GOODS UNDER CATEGORY OF INDUSTRIAL UNITS, for the existing expression “5” wherever occurring, the expression “5.5” shall be substituted;

more amendments related tax rate in different cases

1Amendment in No. F.12(75) FD / Tax / 2015-60 dated 21-07-2015 regarding Sale of food cooked served in basic heritage hotelsF.12(42)FD/Tax/2010-13401-Feb-2016
2Amendment in No. F.12(23) FD / Tax / 2015-196 dated 09-03-2015 regarding Sale of aviation turbine fuel for HUBF.12(42)FD/Tax/2010-13301-Feb-2016
3Amendment in No. F.12(15) FD / Tax / 12-118 dated 26-03-2012 regarding Sale of wood glue for manufacturing of handicraftsF.12(42)FD/Tax/2010-13201-Feb-2016
4Amendment in No. F.12(40) FD / Tax / 2010-59 dated 11-10-2011 regarding Purchase of bus bodies by RSRTCF.12(42)FD/Tax/2010-13101-Feb-2016
5Amendment in No. F.12(25) FD / Tax / 11-139 dated 09-03-2011 regarding Sale of cooked food and edible preparations by an outdoor catererF.12(42)FD/Tax/2010-13001-Feb-2016
6Amendment in No. F.12(25) FD / Tax / 11-138 dated 09-03-2011 regarding Purchase of molasses by manufactures of cattle feedF.12(42)FD/Tax/2010-12901-Feb-2016
7Amendment in No. F.12(84) FD / Tax / 2009-45 dated 30-07-2009 regarding Timber of babul, mango, sheesham chandan, kadamb kern for registered manufactures of handicraftsF.12(42)FD/Tax/2010-12801-Feb-2016
8Amendment in No. F.12(84) FD / Tax / 2009-11 dated 08-07-2009 regarding Registered dealers for laboratory equipments when sold to schoolF.12(42)FD/Tax/2010-12701-Feb-2016
9Amendment in No. F.12(33) FD / Tax / 08-80 dated 10-11-2008 regarding Oil companies for inter company for purchases of HSD/LSD and petrolF.12(42)FD/Tax/2010-12601-Feb-2016
10Amendment in No. F.12(15) FD / Tax / 2008-Pt-54 dated 27-08-2008 regarding Manufacturing registered dealers for purchase of capital goods, there parts and accessoriesF.12(42)FD/Tax/2010-12501-Feb-2016
11Amendment in No. F.12(63) FD / Tax / 2005-27 dated 28-04-2006 regarding RRVUL, RRVPL, AVVNL, JVVNLF.12(42)FD/Tax/2010-12401-Feb-2016
12Amendment in Schedule- IV of RVAT Act 2003 regarding change of rate of tax from 5% to 5.5%F.12(42)FD/Tax/2010-12301-Feb-2016

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